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Getting your on-page SEO right may make the difference between page one of Google and the oblivion of the depths of google rankings. Or put simply making sales from your website or making no sales from your website.


On-Page Optimisation

One of the critical elements of search engine optimisation is your on-page optimisation. There is a delicate balance between getting the content optimised so that Google will rank it, and making it look good and read well. You then also need to consider how the on-page content should be laid out to maximise your chances of the reader taking whatever action you wish them to take.

If meta tag, alt tags, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, keyword placement, keyword density and interlinking mean nothing to you then why should you have to worry about them?

The simple answer is two-fold, if you want your webpages to rank highly on Google, these are just some of the on-page things you need to understand, think about and do correctly.

The second part of the answer is, you should not have to worry about them you should be concentrating on running your business, that is unless you are one of the many competitors that come to our page to find out things they do not know.

While you are concentrating on running your business, for a small fee, we can get all this on-page sorted for you in a jiffy.

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Our SEO just works, this is becuase we have spent 35,000 staff hours on R&D to makle sure it does and we continue to test as Google continues to change it’s alogrythm.

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Your business will see more leads and more sales, because our SEo just works, and when the vistor arrives on your page the on page conversion optimisation we ahve done will be based on the latest behaviourail research.





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